"Fair Comment challenged me in a supportive way to be objective with my business; its direction, offering, core values and ultimately how I fitted in with all those as a human being. The advice was on target, sharp, strategic and substantial. The opportunity to share this experience with two other presenters, and to forge a bond with them enhanced the experience as we will go on to digest and implement the advice as a group in ourselves. I would encourage any woman who feels the need for advice from an able and proven panel of businesswomen to go to the Fair Comment website and register. Your business deserves it."
Gillian Morrison - presenter at the launch event

Many thanks for creating such an inspirational forum - my head's sill buzzing, crammed with ideas from your panel of experts."
Karen Finlayson - presenter at the launch event.

Thanks Karen and everyone for an inspiring evening.
I really took value from everyone's contributions and felt it was a great learning space for all of us! And appreciating the confidence, vision and passion that the presenters all expressed for their ventures.
Joey - panel member

It was quite overwhelming to have eight brains giving their time to Fair Comment, and so very, very helpful - actually it was ESSENTIAL not just helpful.
Jen G. - presenter at the launch event.

I thoroughly enjoyed myself and learned loads from all of you.
Louie - panel member