• Thursday 22nd September - Glasgow
  • Thursday 27th October - Edinburgh
  • Thursday 24th November - Glasgow
  • Thursday 15th December - Dundee/Aberdeen
  • Thursday 26th January - Edinburgh
  • Thursday 23rd February - Glasgow
  • Thursday 29th March - Edinburgh

As a result of the launch event Hays Recruitment are now offering a one day Master Class cover the 7 stages of a sale including the following Components:

  • Basics of sales
  • Crafting your Winning Pitch
  • Defining your Product or Service
  • Networking
  • How to pick up the phone and actually make a call
  • Objection Handling
  • Deflect rejection - it's not personal
  • How to develop a Sales and Marketing plan

The ‘7 Stages of a Sale’ Master Class is designed to break down the process of a sale into manageable bite-size sections. Business people, who are new to sales, often put enormous pressure on themselves to convert a sale the first or 2nd time they actually talk to a potential customer. This course is designed to help people to understand that a sale is a process and that if followed correctly, will result in business being won. Understanding sales is a business essential that can be mastered, which will give you confidence and allow your business to flourish.

This will be a lively and interactive learning experience. You will be challenged to come out of your comfort zone but rest assured this will be in a nurturing setting, with people who are like minded and in the same business place as you, most importantly it will be practical, tactical, strategic and fun.

To reserve a place at a future session and to find out how Fair Comment can help your business, contact and we'll get back to you with more details.